SeeMe X Gallery Arte Azulejo Announce Collaboration

New York, NY June 19, 2022

See|Me and Gallery Arte Azulejo are thrilled to announce a unique partnership featuring monthly exhibitions at Gallery Arte Azulejo, collector dinners, talks and other high profile activities featuring select emerging artists from See|Me’s platform. 

The aim of the collaboration is to enable talented emerging artists from around the globe to connect with Art collectors and grow their careers while also having the opportunity to exhibit at an Art Gallery located in one of Manhattan’s most prominent Art Gallery districts in the Lower East Side. 

The partnership leverages the complementary strengths of both organizations: See|Me is a global online community of artists with a history of high profile exhibitions, collaborations and events – during the course of its history the Company has helped discover and raise the profile of hundreds of successful artists. Gallery Arte Azulejo is a new NYC gallery located in the high profile and hip Lower East Side. Combining forces will create greater awareness and access for talented artists. 

Brendan Burns, founder and CEO of See|Me said, “Jacquelyn García Vadnais is an incredible entrepreneur and passionate advocate for emerging artists. Gallery Arte Azulejo is a new and rising star on the NYC art scene and has very quickly established a reputation for featuring fresh, diverse and talented artists. Jacquelyn’s vision and values are totally consistent with See|Me’s and we are thrilled to partner with her.”

See|Me and Gallery Arte Azulejo have agreed to curate and showcase monthly exhibitions consisting of solo and small group shows for at least the next two years.

Additionally, the two organizations are planning joint exhibitions in other locations around the world. 

Jacquelyn García Vadnais, founder and Director of Gallery Arte Azulejo, said “we are thrilled to join forces with See|Me. Brendan and team have pioneered a vision that accelerates access for largely undiscovered artists around the world. Their track record, values and process fit squarely with the vision of Gallery Arte Azulejo.”

In order to learn more about joint exhibitions between See|Me and Gallery Arte Azulejo, follow @seemecommunity or @galleryarteazulejo on Instagram and visit or for frequent updates.  For more information on joining the See|Me community and their ongoing program of artistic initiatives visit www.See.Me.  For all media inquiries, please contact Maria Paula Suarez at See|Me: