Gallery Arte Azulejo Will Be at SCOPE Art Show During Art Basel Week in Miami 2022

Gallery Arte Azulejo is pleased to announce to be showcasing Verónica Miranda Martinez, Alejandro Avakian, Fernando Braune and Félix Gerardi at SCOPE Art Show from November 29, through December 4, 2022.

SCOPE Art Show is a Contemporary Art Fair that will be going on during Miami Art Basel Week 2022.

Verónica Miranda Martinez was born in Madrid where she currently lives. Growing up, she has been exposed to different cultures and the arts that came along with it. She has expressed herself in her abstract style of mixing distinct textures, techniques and colors in her creations. Her unique flair has caused a lot of attention in the Art world.

Alejandro Avakian was born in Argentina. He originally studied Economics and Biology but he fell in love with painting at the age of 27. “What looked like a puzzle or nonsense acquired a new order. Passion had been awakened. I had to retrace all the way and start building again”. He then went and pursued an art degree with a focus in drawing/painting. His work has been a journey of a deeper understanding of personal expression.

Fernando Braune is a Brazilian Photographer. He has a unique process that has made him well recognised throughout the world. He creates black and white digital images, prints them on cotton paper and then uses pencils, dry pastels and charcoal to amplify the image. He then scans the image and finishes the masterpiece on his computer. His work shows a strong concentration of colors and subject matter.

Félix Gerardi was born in 1965 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. He grew up with a passion for photography and journalism. His work is about formation and experimentation of photography through ancestral knowledge through Photographic Shaponos. He currently makes work about the history and culture of Barinas.

With the combination of these talented artists, we are very excited to be showcasing their work at SCOPE Art Show from November 29, through December 4, 2022 during Art Basel Week in Miami. Come visit us at booth B29!