Rick Garcia

Official Grammy Artist, Absolut Artist of the ‘90’s, conservationist and artist for the Special Olympics. Rick Garcia has accomplished it all. His incredible journey is as varied as his mediums. From murals and sets for “Miami Vice” to private art commissions for rock legends, multi-dimensional artist Garcia has enjoyed a rich and diverse career.

Garcia’s art foundation began with a deep-rooted connection to surrealism, especially the work of Salvador Dali. Garcia was obsessed with the unique images and amazing technique of the Spanish painter. He attended the Art Institute of Miami, where he refined his artistic vision in drawing and painting, and started publishing illustrations. His career took an interesting twist when the hit TV show “Miami Vice” commissioned him to create a three-story mural on the side of a building, and used his paintings for set design. While his public recognition was growing, he was gaining a number of private commissions. In 1998, he was commissioned by The United Nations Postal Administration to design stamps to bring awareness to the growing extinction of the rainforest and its inhabitants. The rights to several of these images were acquired by Milton Bradley who released thousands of puzzles created from these images. In 2003 he earned the prestige of the “most beautiful stamp series in 2003” for his creation celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the World Health Organization which brought awareness to the vanishing supply of freshwater.

Not just an environmentalist, but also a rock star, Garcia was chosen as an “Absolut Artist of the 90s” in the popular vodka ad campaign and with his second piece Absolut Electric, he further drew worldwide attention. 1998, 1999, and 2001 garnered him the distinction of official artist to The Grammy Awards where his creations influenced the look of the live broadcast and graced the covers of the official program book, CDs, posters, apparel, and other various items. His work included portraits of stars such as Destiny’s Child, Ricky Martin, Coldplay, Santana, Celia Cruz, Black Eyed Peas, Imogen Heap and Kanye West. Rick’s music affiliation with the famous Gibson Custom Shop brand spawned a collection of highly collectable one of a kind painted guitars. These included painting a 1954 Gibson Les Paul reissue for The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame and a 50th Anniversary issue of the Gibson SG for CANCER RESEARCH U.K.

Rick has been the official artist of the Kentucky Derby, designed running jerseys for the St Jude’s team for the Boston and Berlin marathons and raised tens of thousands of dollars for the victims of Hurricane Andrew. One of his most recent creations was gifted to Pope Francis at the Vatican on behalf of the Anthony Abraham Foundation  to support  “HELP US RISE” LEBANON.

From photographs, prints and original art, Garcia has many intriguing collections ranging from his ever popular Pool Time Collection to his Confidential Series which are based on the arrest files and released FBI files for icons such as Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia and more. Represented in collections world wide, Garcia continues to explore new frontiers and push the boundaries conceptually and in his creations. 

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