Manon Raman

Manon Raman was born in ’96 in Wetteren, Belgium. She spent part of her teenage years in The Netherlands but moved back to her home country where she studied at the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound. Before she painted on canvasses she worked on faces as a make up artist for series and movies.

She is a self-taught artist who started painting at age 22. Her early work is colourful, bold and revolves around women and the naked body.

“There is no conscious decision-making while I create, it all flows naturally. As a result, the way I feel while I’m creating something is portrayed in the work. My painting process is very intuitive. I use layers of different kinds of mediums to create texture and depth. Without choosing my colours beforehand the image starts to come to life.”

When Raman was 23 she moved to Niger, West-Africa. Because of the very religious population, her art became less evocative and started focussing more on portraits. With her African inspired art she has had multiple successful solo shows, part of which also contributed to a charity or cause to help the local population.

Raman moved to New York in 2021 where she since works in her home studio with her dog as trusty studio assistant, exploring new subjects and experimenting with new media.

Since moving to the U.S. Raman has exhibited her work all over the city, including a recent long term exhibit at the Belgian permanent Mission to the U.N. With a custom piece created for the office of Belgian Ambassador to the U.N. Philippe Kridelka.

Another one of her paintings was purchased for the permanent collection of the R.W. Norton gallery and museum. To see available works for sale by Manon Raman, click here.