Luciana Cacciaguerra Reni comes from the family of Counts Cacciaguerra of San Carlo di Roversano and sees the light in Venezuela, a land blessed by the sun, happiness and abundance. Her life extends among Venezuela, Italy and the United States, where she lives and studies. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Journalism. Since childhood she has loved drawing, painting and any form of art, a vocation that comes from the descending maternal branch of the sixteenth century and illustrious Italian painter Guido Reni from Bologna. The love for harmony makes her develop her painting on the basis of a message of tolerance and union between any way of life, regardless of the differences that may exist. In fact, she created a total fusion between fauna and flora to become one part of the other in form and consistency, symbolizing precisely the absolute empathy that must exist between human beings beyond ethnic, social and religious differences, a message of pure love.

Luciana’s style is difficult to define because it has naive aspects but with didactic bases, conceived on the colors that remember the light, the brightness and the characteristic festivity of the tropical country from which she has assimilated the joy and the enthusiasm of living that are the north of her existence. In addition, the transparency and cleanliness of the shapes she paints, even more defined by the black contours that make images stand out. Always looking for new themes and forms of expression, she works continuously on canvases, being faithful to her universal message. Luciana has exhibited widely in Europe and Latin America.

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