Igor Korotash

Igor Korotash was born in Ukraine in 1957. From 1969 until 1973, he studied art at the Ivano-Frankovsk Art School. At the age of thirteen, he participated in his first art exhibition and was awarded a first place prize for his paintings and sculptures.

In 1973, he moved to the Carpathian Mountains region to continue his education at the Kosiv Art College. The beautiful nature of the mountains, the freshness of colors and crispness of the air rendered an endless source of artistic inspiration. Many years of Igor’s career were associated with industrial design. It was during this time when he perfected his color palette, strengthened his composition skills, and developed his unique and vivid style: broad confident palette knife strokes, kaleidoscope of bold, rich colors. His works seem to be playful and effortless; they render an extraordinary feeling of clarity and joy.

Igor Korotash came to the United States in 1992 to pursue his lifelong dream of developing his career as an artist. He paints landscapes with an impressionistic style that tempt not only our sense of sight, and even sound, but also our sense of touch. The tactile quality of his paintings moves an on-looker beyond simple viewing to being drawn into the scene. He has taken his techniques used in sculpting, and applied them to a two-dimensional work. When viewed closely, his paintings may often look like color blocks placed at random, while from a distance our eyes put them together, and a sun-drenched beach landscape or shady street scene miraculously appears. The progression from abstract to this form of neo-impressionism is captivating.

Today Igor’s paintings are in numerous art collections, public and private establishments and art galleries. Igor’s works have won hearts of many art connoisseurs as well as art collectors from England, Netherlands, Germany, and Canada.

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