Gino Parisi

Gino Parisi is a professional artist with an eclectic background in the arts gained in Europe and further afield. He has a passion for all things creative, channelling creative energy in order to manifest thought provoking artwork.

Gino’s passion for art began at an early age and has continued throughout his adult life. His aptitude for creative vision has never left him and he has continued to pursue his love of art to this very day. His personal Spiritual journey has been the momentum and driving force behind his artwork.

Whilst predominantly using acrylic, he is not limited to this medium and often will use a combination of acrylic, pastel and chalk in many of his paintings. However, it has not always been this way; at the start of his career his preferred medium was charcoal and hence this can still be found in many of his works today.

With no preconception of what will flow onto the canvas, he allows his connection with the creative source to inspire his artwork. His creative and intuitive mind expands beyond our idea of reality to a place where creative energy flows through him and onto the canvas.
His paintings are atmospheric and full of colour. They draw you into to an engaging and enchanted place where the mind is allowed to be imaginative and inspirational.

It is in this peaceful place the viewer steps into, enabling them to explore the energetic and spiritual vibrations emanating from what they are viewing. They are encouraged to be imaginative and creative by what they see.

When viewing his work, the observer not only uses their sight in the process but also their feelings are engaged and drawn in by the energy that is emanating from the artwork. This energy remains with the observer long after viewing of a piece of art, benefiting their experience and allowing them to take continued inspiration from it.

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