Gallery Arte Azulejo Joins Artsy

Gallery Arte Azulejo is pleased to announce that our gallery has been accepted to join Artsy and that our gallery page is now live on Artsy’s website as of November 24, 2022!

Artsy is one of the most powerful Art sales e-commerce platforms in the industry that reaches collectors in 190+ countries as well as has over 2,000,000 website visits per month. Gallery Arte Azulejo is absolutely delighted to be able to extend our reach to global collectors to further help our artists advance in their careers and gain more international exposure.

Gallery Arte Azulejo has started our Artsy page with artists: Alejandro Avakian from Argentina; Verónica Miranda Martinez from Spain; Andjela Milosevic from Serbia; Félix Gerardi from Venezuela; Fernando Braune from Brazil; Thomas Peter Diamond from the United States; Mary Chirinos from Venezuela; and Gino Parisi from the United Kingdom. Over the coming months, Gallery Arte Azulejo will begin to add additional select artworks from our artists who are interested in joining Artsy’s online platform.

To see Gallery Arte Azulejo’s gallery page on Artsy, click here.