Félix Gerardi

Born in the city of Caracas 57 years ago, Félix Gerardi trained in school, high school, public university.

From an early age he devoted himself to the art of photography and the knowledge of cinema, he learned about plastic art and other species.

He has dedicated part of his life to journalism, documentary making and making the image as a philosophy of life.

The other part of life is committed to making photography known as a tool of knowledge in different and varied places in the Homeland.

Currently, he has dedicated himself to carrying out an in-depth record of all cultural and human manifestations in the state of Barinas.

Formation and experimentation of photography through ancestral knowledge through Photographic Shaponos.

For his dedication and commitment, he has earned the National Culture Award 2010 Mention in Photography and a special mention in the Simón Bolívar National Journalism Prize for the series “Faces of Barinas.”

In 2015, Gerardi won First prize (with José Roberto Duque) with the Barinas 12 plus 1 project and National Journalism Award 2017 with a mention in Photography.

In 2021, Gerardi had the honor of exhibiting his Fractal Exhibition at the Galería de Arte Nacional (National Art Gallery) in Caracas, Venezuela.

In addition to Gerardi’s artistic achievements, he has served since 1987 as a professor of Photography in the Museo de Bellas Artes, Galería de Arte Nacional, Museo Carlos Cruz-Diez, and the School of Communication of Yadira Albornoz.

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