Meet Our Founder & CEO

Jacquelyn García Vadnais

Gallery Arte Azulejo was founded by Jacquelyn García Vadnais with the objective of pursing a lifelong passion of appreciating Art around the globe. To date, Jacquelyn has traveled to 57+ countries and lived in 10. Her international experiences have enabled her to make contacts worldwide in the Art & Gourmet Food/Wine sector. Jacquelyn holds a JD/MBA/LL.M along with a Master’s in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art and a WSET Level 2 Certificate in Wines from the Napa Valley Wine Academy.

Jacquelyn founded Gallery Arte Azulejo with the objective of creating an Art Gallery that focuses on Modern & Contemporary Art as well as NFT works inspired from her global travels. Gallery Arte Azulejo is connected to Jacquelyn’s global wine brand Vinos Arte Azulejo and Venezuelan gourmet Tree-to-Bar Dark Chocolate brand Chocolates Arte Azulejo.

Gallery Arte Azulejo is affiliated with Jacquelyn’s 501(c)(3) pending organization, the Arte Azulejo Foundation, which is dedicated to providing funding to global Artists and Entrepreneurs as well as providing healthy drinking water to the families of the Cacao growers in Venezuela who support her Cacao Hacienda & Tree-to-Bar Dark Chocolate brand Chocolates Arte Azulejo.

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Gallery Arte Azulejo

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